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January 17, 2018 | 8:45 – 11:00am

AI’s Softer Side:
Learning for the Future

Artificial intelligence has a strongly human side that doesn’t make it into social media.

Schulich Executive Education Centre

222 Bay Street, Toronto ON

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About this session

What comes to mind when you think of artificial intelligence? Robots taking over the world and destroying humanity? Fortunately, this is a myth. In reality, AI has a strongly human side which sometimes doesn’t make it into the popular media. In this talk, we will take a human path through AI, looking at its social side, uncovering the opportunities to use this innovative set of technologies to build social and people skills like empathy and emotional intelligence. We’ll look at how engaging interacting with computers can be, how we are at ease having conversations with Siri and Alexa, and how we can capitalize on these experiences to enable social learning.

You will learn:

  • The hype vs reality of AI
  • The human and social side of AI
  • How AI can help humans build their people skills and be more human

Chris McKillop gained her degree in Artificial Intelligence in the 1990s, has an MSc in Human-Centred Computer Systems, and a PhD in Educational Technology.  She has a long record pioneering technological innovations to improve learning and has numerous research publications. Chris is CEO of ‘Turalt – the technology of empathy’, a company driven by empathy, to do the right thing, and to use AI for good.  She believes empathy is at the heart of our communication, and that technology can help us be more effective in increasing our empathy and digital emotional intelligence.

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