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March 21, 2018 | 9:30 to 11:00 am

The Neuroscience of Effective Video for Learning

Have you ever wondered what makes one instructional video interesting and another not so much?

About this session

Have you ever wondered what makes one instructional video interesting and another not so much? It’s critical that we, as learning and development professionals, understand what makes instructional content engaging and impactful. Skillsoft has teamed with MIT and Accenture to study the brain science behind learning and retention. This key collaboration kicks off a series of new, innovative content partnerships that will empower Skillsoft’s Leadership and Business Skills learners with professional training from the industry’s top experts.

At Skillsoft, we are all about learning outcomes. We know from brain science research that learners need three things for an optimal learning experience: relevance, meaning and emotion. We use a data-driven mix of content design approaches in our new courses to meet these needs. The intentional design approaches are learner-centric, providing memory hooks for the learner. Individuals can connect the learning to pre-existing schemas and patterns in their brains – we engage both sides of the brain by fostering a linkage between emotion and cognition. The message and the medium work synergistically. By leveraging the latest in brain science research, we ensure that the learning experience is “seen” through the learner’s eyes.

This session will provide you with an overview of this emerging research and share early findings that will challenge you to think differently about video-based content.

  • Learn how best to design instructional content for maximum retention.
  • Hear the impact of high interest factor video-based content on learner engagement and retention.
  • Understand how specific approaches to learning assessment can impact engagement and recall.

By attending this event, you will take away:

  • Mind-altering insights into how our minds and our speech actually works.
  • Detailed examples of a variety of companies who have taken advantage of the insights to become leaders in their industries.
  • A critical communication tool for speaking directly to another’s emotional mind: Connect Talk
  • A technique for bringing your mind into the moment – the Conscious Calming Breath: this is vitally important when dealing with difficult exchanges.

Mark Onisk, 

Chief Content Officer at Skillsoft

Mr. Mark Onisk has been Chief Content Officer of SkillSoft Corp. since 2018. Mr. Onisk is responsible for leading all aspects of the strategic direction, roadmap and development of Skillsoft”s content catalogue. He served as Senior Vice President of Skillsoft Books (formerly Books24x7). He served as Vice President of Learning Products for Element K Corporation. Mr. Onisk was responsible for the overall vision, strategy and execution of Element K’s content development. Prior to this role, he served as Vice President of Element K and NIIT’s custom development practice, Cognitive Arts. He is CompTIA Project+ certified. He holds an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and BA in Business Administration from SUNY at Brockport.

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