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May 16, 2018 | 8:45 – 11:00am

Keepin' it Real

The Power of Personal Authenticity in Training

In Keepin’ it Real, we’ll reveal the power of personal authenticity


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In Keepin’ it Real, we’ll reveal the power of personal authenticity to build trust, deliver material in a more compelling way, break down barriers, transcend mere content and make learning linger. Through exercises and experiences, you’ll learn techniques like ‘flying your freak flag’, reading body language and adjusting to it, breaking through resistance and getting off ‘script’ to internalize content in powerful ways. Insights into human behavior, building experiential learning that taps into and changes the psyche, and discovering your own voice as a trainer will all be explored.

Leslie Ehm, President & Chief Fire Starter, Combustion

Leslie Ehm is the Founder of Combustion – a training company devoted to creating permanent change through unforgettably kickass experiences. A former TV host and advertising Creative Director turned ‘people transformation evangelist’, Leslie brings her irreverent style, sense of humor and people passion to everything she does.

Leslie trains and speaks on creating permanent change through experiential learning, authenticity in the corporate world, a whole new breed of presentation and storytelling skills, leadership, and creativity and is considered a thought leader in the experiential training space. She created Google’s global marketer training program, turns bankers into storytellers, trains the best ad people in the world, and has a reputation for blowing up even the most open-minded organizations.

Her unique approach has attracted clients like Google, TD Bank, Honda, Disney, FCB, Jack Daniel’s, Leo Burnett, JWT, Mattel, Pepsico, IKEA, Droga 5, and many more.

When she’s not in an airport or sparring at a boxing gym, Leslie’s on the faculties of the ANA School of Marketing and the ICA, is certified by the Creative Problem Solving Institute, and Member of the Creative Education Foundation.

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