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Wed, May 15


Virtual Event

CCCE Virtual Event: How to Coach to Elevate Virtual Facilitation

CCCE Virtual Event: How to Coach to Elevate Virtual Facilitation
CCCE Virtual Event: How to Coach to Elevate Virtual Facilitation

Time & Location

May 15, 2024, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDT

Virtual Event


Session Overview

Virtual learning is the new normal, but how do we ensure consistency and quality? Learn why organizations like Scotiabank, Farm Credit Canada, and others have made it a strategic priority to establish clear performance standardsfor virtual facilitators. Take a tour of the competency framework and get hands-on with the tools that are being used to coach and train facilitators across the organization.

Session Description

In the first half of the session, participants will explore a competency framework and sample tools. Attendees will be invited to participate in individual and small group activities designed to help them adapt specific elements of the toolset (ex. a unique competency or

technical requirement) for application within their organization (or for themselves as practitioners, trainers, or designers).

In the second half, Moe will support that foundation with an emphasis on coaching facilitators, and sharing experiential activities that develop specific virtual facilitation skillsets.

Benefits of Attending

  • Apply best practices using a competency framework, performance standards, and coaching tools for virtual facilitators.
  • Experiment with adapting the competency framework to suit a specific team and/or organizational needs.
  • Value the strategic impact that performance standards have in elevating the quality of learning experiences delivered by virtual facilitators.

Speaker BiographyMoe Poirier - Founding Partner, Shift Faciliation

Leading the team and the vision for Shift, Moe’s on a mission to bring  excellence in facilitation to life. It’s no accident that Shift is a verb. 

Expertise in facilitation is Moe’s gift. It’s a talent he’s honed over 30+  years. Ask anyone who’s been in a session delivered by Moe and they’ll  tell you in their own words – he’s dynamic, engaging, gracious, fun! 

Sharing tools, highlighting techniques, passing on expertise is directly  aligned with Moe’s core purpose. Deft in his delivery, incisive in his  feedback, Moe challenges participants to choose courage over comfort.  Offering wisdom gained from his own path, he reminds us that growth  happens at the edges.  

The impact Moe has through Shift is reflected in the quality of  organizations that he calls partners. Canada Life, Farm Credit Canada,  Jamieson, McCain, Scotiabank, Walmart – established brands with  internal training teams who know quality facilitation when they see it. 

Calm and thoughtful on the outside, bursting with creativity and humour  on the inside, Moe creates engaging, interactive experiences, in both  virtual and traditional in-person deliveries.

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