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Wed, Oct 23


CCCE Virtual Event

CCCE Virtual Event - Uncovering your Cultural Agility

CCCE Virtual Event - Uncovering your Cultural Agility
CCCE Virtual Event - Uncovering your Cultural Agility

Time & Location

Oct 23, 2024, 12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. EDT

CCCE Virtual Event


In a world that’s increasingly interconnected, it’s crucial for leaders to navigate the complexities of working with teams, clients, and partners from a variety of cultural backgrounds. A deep appreciation and understanding of these cultural differences is vital for fostering effective communication, collaboration, and decision-making.

The intent of this interactive session is to:

  • Enhance your awareness and comprehension of the diverse cultural identities, working styles, and social norms that influence dynamics in cross-cultural teams.
  • Acknowledge the role that subconscious biases and stereotypes have in shaping our decisions and interactions with others.
  • Master the art of collaboration and communication with culturally diverse teams to drive meaningful change in the workplace by utilizing a framework based on cultural value dimensions.

Speaker Biography

Rajan Mahtani, affectionately known as Raj, has spent over two decades championing inclusive education and advocating for equal opportunities within international organizations. He celebrates his unique cultural tapestry: born and nurtured in Spain, with roots in South Asia, educated in the UK, and has embraced Canada as his home since 2011. His rich cultural intersections have enabled him to become proficient in multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Hindi, and Sindhi.

In his professional life, Raj has been instrumental in merging his multicultural experiences with his passion for ongoing learning and his expertise in change management. During his seven-year tenure at Scotiabank, he has been pivotal in steering leaders and teams towards achieving their utmost potential and goals in multicultural contexts. Among his notable achievements, Raj has developed the first-ever enterprise-wide cultural competence learning module, reaching over 90,000 employees, spearheaded the continuous learning initiative for Spanish-speaking employees across more than 20 countries within Scotiabank’s network, and served on the Executive committee of the South Asian Employee Resource Group, contributing to the advancement of employees from equity-deserving groups.

An avid lover of the outdoors and team sports, Raj has a particular passion for football (which he insists should never be referred to as ‘soccer’). This Summer he experienced the thrill of watching his favorite team, Real Madrid, secure their 15th Champions League title at Wembley Stadium in London.

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